Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make Your Own Coasters!

I have a fun little project to share. With the holidays approaching and budgets tight, I thought I would share a DIY thrifty gift to give. I first made something similar when I first started stamping at a stamp camp many moons ago.

I am also going to apologize because I didn’t have anyone around to help take pictures, so I don’t have the best pictures to share.
To get the fun started we need some supplies!
  • ·      4 x 4 Stone Bathroom Tiles
  • ·      Felt Pads
  • ·      StazOn Ink
  • ·      Minwax Finishing Wax
  • ·      Soft Cloth such as an old t-shirt
  •     Stamps

Please note: StazOn Ink is designed for decorating semi-porous projects.  It will also stain your stamps. Just be sure to clean them as soon as you are finished. It will not affect the image in any way.

Be sure to evenly ink up your stamp with StayzOn Ink. The trick to stamping on stone is being patient and holding longer then you normally would with paper.

Stamping on porous stone is going to give you an uneven look in your stamped images.  This gives the appearance of a worn old-world feel. If this is not what you want, then you need to look for a different tile.

Next I am going to show you how NOT TO PANIC if you stamp the tile and you don’t like the image once you have stamped it.  Personally, this is the look I am going for, but If I wanted to start over…have no fear…it can be done….

StazOn is permanent and once you stamp it…it’s on there and soap and water won’t remove it, BUT Magic Eraser will!!!!

As you can see the image is about to be erased…

Here it’s starting to fade. You can also see how well loved my Magic Eraser is! I am telling you whoever invented this should get the Noble Peace Prize because in my house this is something I cannot live without and it can clean anything.  Case in point here!

Just continue to stamp the images randomly till you are satisfied with the end result. I choose to use the same image from Delicate Dollies II.

I love the worn look. It also looks way COOLER in person.  I wish you could see it! I guess that means you will have to give it a try yourself! J  The person I have in mind for this project loves blues. It's gorgeous in browns and black! The possibilities are endless. 

Next use your cloth for your finishing wax. This is to seal the tiles now coasters!

Apply over the entire surface to include the sides.

Add the felt pads to each corner on the back side.

Now the fun continues with dressing the tiles up in a pretty bow and tag for that special someone.

I hope you have a great day!  I will see you in a few hours with another home decor tutorial for The Kraft Journal!


Lesley said...

This is an awesome tutorial Tammy! What a cool idea and the magic eraser tip is great! Thanks! Your photos are perfect!

onecraftymama said...

Those really do clean ANYTHING! I love them to bits - quite literally, I use them until they crumble :) Never thought of using them on ink...I do know they didn't work (gasp!) on the MODEL PAINT on my kitchen
This is such a neat project! I'm going to keep an eye out for these tiles because I bet my mom would love them!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a cool idea!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I think I may use it for some Christmas presents this year. Glad you made it through Sandy OK!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!!! What an AWESOME idea!! I am soooooooooo pinning this!!!!

Maria said...

Oh my! Another lovely craft project you created! LOVE these coasters!!! Thank you for another wonderful tutorial!

Benzi said...

Wonderful tutorial. I love the Magic Eraser idea. I must get one. The coasters are so pretty and I love that awesome ribbon.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Girl, you are TOO amazing! And inventive!

Lisa said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! They look amazing!! I love the stamps you used and the beautiful blue!! The worn look is perfect!! Another fabulous project and tutorial :)

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Annette said...

wow you are so full of fun ideas... I love these coasters..such a fun idea..thanks for sharing your tips..

Debbie said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Audrey Pettit said...

Ooh, awesome project and awesome tutorial, Tammy! LOVE your coasters, and what a fabulous DIY holiday gift. Totally love your tip on erasing! Did NOT know that!